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is a conversation
on the intersection
of culture and
July 15, 2014, 7-10PM
YouTube Space LA
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“Ideas improve. The meaning of words plays a role in that improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress depends on it. It sticks close to an author’s phrasing, exploits his expressions, deletes a false ideas, replaces it with the right one.” - Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle (Paris, 1967)
July 15th

Jono Brandel relies on the combination of two fundamental disciplines: graphic design and computer programming. The results of this mixture vary in form, but usually have a screen-based component. He explores procedural aesthetics.

Jono studied Design | Media Arts with a minor in Latin at UCLA. He went on to receive two artist grants one at cheLA and the other at Fabrica. He is now part of the Data Arts Team in Google’s Creative Lab. His work has been showcased at the Tate Modern, OFFF, and HAMMER Museum. He has also had the pleasure to perform alongside Boys Noize, Deadmau5, Crystal Castles, and many others accompanying their music with moving image.

Sterling Crispin is an artist and technologist born 1985 in Maui, Hawaii. His work explores the relationships between spirituality, human consciousness, and impermanence as they relate to the exponential growth of computing technology and our networked global culture. He received a Master of Fine Arts from the UC Santa Barbara and is currently a candidate for a Master of Science in the Media Arts and Technology Department. Crispin is a coauthor of OpenDroneControl, an open source software platform for developing interactive artworks and research projects with aerial robotics.

Crispin's work has been featured in "Sneakerotics" at Edouard Malingue Gallery, "Beyond the Bond" at Studio Gallery, "#FUTUREMYTH" and "Dump.fm IRL" at 319 Scholes Gallery, and published in Katja Novitskova's "Post Internet Survival Guide".

Jono Brandel Sterling Crispin


Everyone arrives and checks-in, small talk over beer and wine.


Introduction, conversation with our guests, and a Q&A to follow.


Follow up with guests, mingle, and more beer and wine.



Jasmine Safaeian

YouTube Space LA

YouTube Space LA
12422 W Bluff Creek Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90094

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YouTube Space LA, a state of the art production facility in Los Angeles, CA, designed specifically for YouTube creators to produce original digital video content, from production and editing through uploading to YouTube. YouTube Space LA serves as a creative production facility for both established and emerging YouTube creators who are part of the YouTube partner program.
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Technology is woven into the cultural fabric of the 21st century metropolis, Los Angeles is no exception. We’re a city of cross disciplinary creators who view technology as part of and essential to the creative process.

localhost.us brings together creators, educators, and technologists for a night of conversation, drinks, and inspiration. We’ll hope you join us.

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